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Sighting Compass


Sighting Compass is an application dedicated to help sailors, boaters and trekkers to measure bearings to determine their location.


Taking a bearing:

Taking a bearing with an excessive roll:

Recorded bearings list:

Viewing a recorded bearing:

User preferences:


Accessing the pictures from your PC:


  • Package: org.shlublu.android.sightingcompass
  • Current version: v3.4, 2014-06-05
  • Supported platforms: Android 2.2 (Froyo) or higher
  • Supported languages: en, fr, de
  • Hardware requirements: camera, digital compass (magnetometer) and accelerometer

Regular version

  • Download: Android Market (search for "org.shlublu.android.sightingcompass" from your cellphone or use the QR code below).
  • Price: EUR 0.99

Free trial version

  • Download: Android Market (search for "org.shlublu.android.sightingcompass.trial" from your cellphone or use the QR code below)
  • Time limitation: 72 hours


  • Copyright (C) 2011 Vincent Poulain
  • German version: Jürgen Röhr
  • Many thanks to: Jessica Depeux
  • Making of: here

Versions history

  • v3.4: 2014-06-05
    • Fixed a bug occurring on certain devices when attempting to take a bearing
  • v3.3: 2014-06-04
    • Bug fixes and UI changes
  • v3.2: 2014-03-17
    • Fixed a bug that occurs under certain versions of Android
  • v3.1: 2012-11-20
    • Fixed a hardware-related bug
  • v3.0: 2012-07-30
    • Zoom handling improvements
    • Added a new user preference setting to allow using the D-pad or the trackball button to take the bearings
    • Enhanced the user preferences screen by disabling the unavailable options depending of the hardware
  • v2.2: 2011-08-27
    • Fixed a camera initialization bug under Samsung Galaxy
  • v2.1: 2011-07-25
    • Reduced the memory consumption of the app
    • Fixed a bug related to the connection to the licensing server (trial version only)
    • Free trial period is now longer: 72 hours instead of 48 (trial version only)
  • v2.0: 2011-04-22
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing the connection to the licensing server (trial version only)
    • Size of the bearing indicator increased in camera mode
    • Camera handling improvements. I hope this will fix the Motorola Defy issue (Defy users, please let me know! This would be very nice)
    • Storage of the picture on the SD card. They are now available as JPEGs to the users.
    • Automatic export to the SD card of the pictures taken with former version
    • Integration of the overprinted information (bearing, pitch, roll, reliability) to the pictures (user preference)
    • Date and time added to the bearings list and to the file name of the pictures
    • Bearings are now sorted by descending dates
    • Free trial period is now longer: 48 hours instead of 12 (trial version only)
  • v1.6: 2011-01-26
    • Improves the camera handling
    • Improves the wording
  • v1.5: 2010-12-17
    • Makes the display smoother
    • Slightly improves the performances
    • Refactoring
    • Trial version introduced on 2011-01-19
  • v1.4: 2010-11-20
    • Fixes a bug reported on Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  • v1.3: 2010-11-13
    • Fixes a memory management bug reported on HTC Desire, but not limited to this hardware
    • Improves the english version
    • Fixes a minor bug making the installed application to appear under a wrong name in certain specific cases
    • Improves the user friendliness adding more space between the zoom and the record controls
  • v1.2: 2010-11-09
    • Fixes a visibility problem under Android Market
  • v1.1: 2010-11-07
    • Fixes a visibility problem under Android Market
  • v1.0: 2010-11-05

Copyright © 2010 - 2016 Vincent Poulain
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